Friday, 12 August 2011

Keep taking the medicine

40mg Citalopram daily
One programme of CBT complete
And something new... I'm meeting with a counsellor on Wednesday to decide whether it will be appropriate/useful for me to have some more general talking therapy. At my last appointment with my GP, I discussed with her that I still feel as though there are underlying root causes to my depression that I'm simply not getting to the bottom of. I hope this might help.
I'm also aware that I'm putting myself through lots of additional stress at the moment (see last post). For the most part I'm coping fine, but I also know that there are the odd signs that it is getting to me. I'm having more "off days", and my sleep is less settled. Not surprising in many ways, and I'm not overly worried, but also know that if I'm not careful I could slide down much deeper, which will help no one.
So, despite really, really not in the mood, I'll be going out for a run today. It's all part of the medicine.

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